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Ruitenberg BasIQs is an independent company within the Ruitenberg Group. Alongside the more production oriented Ruitenberg Ingredients, Ruitenberg BasIQs’ core task is to revive the original commercial nature of Willem Ruitenberg Czn N.V. (WRC). From the original location in Amersfoort, a specialist team is working hard in order to accomplish this task.

Ruitenberg BasIQs’ core activity is the strategic trade in liquorice extracts.

The raw materials, which are purchased in countries like China, the middle East and the USA, are converted in the Netherlands into technologically high-quality ingredients.

They are offered to the confectionery industry across Europe as liquid or powder blends.
Besides producing liquorice extracts, BasIQs is engaged in the trade in confectionary related raw materials and additives for the food industry. In addition to the already existing products CracRiz and Tapiocaline, BasIQs is constantly looking for new ingredients from unknown sources.


So, for a good reason, our motto is: “We are looking for things we do not know yet”


With this pioneering mentality, BasIQs returns to the foundation of Ruitenberg. However, the big difference with the past is the tremendous technological development which gives BasIQs an edge over pure trading companies.


Ruitenberg history
In 1938, William Ruitenberg started his trading firm Willem Ruitenberg Czn in Amersfoort.
Originally, the emphasis was on the trade in commodities with starches as the main group. In 1948, WRC got acquainted with liquorice extracts and began importing and offering them to the confectionery industry. The search for and introduction of new ingredients in the Dutch food market has always remained one of the key tasks of WRC.
In addition, in the 1970s, WRC started own facilities for the development and production of specialized products. Through the development of innovative new technologies, the applicability of a large number of ingredients was greatly improved. This need for innovation was and still is a driving force behind the technological success of Ruitenberg.

Along with the move to Twello, the name of the company changed to Ruitenberg Ingredients (RI). In Twello, the facilities for product development and production were further expanded and Ruitenberg Ingredients grew into a enterprise oriented on the meat and bakery industry. Because of difference in market approach, the confectionery division started functioning as an independent company within the Ruitenberg Group in 2013 under the name Ruitenberg BasIQs.

From the original location in Amersfoort, a specialist team, continues the trading activities of Ruitenberg. Product development and production remain located at Ruitenberg Ingredients in Twello and Ruinerwold. By utilizing the expertise of the two sister companies, Ruitenberg can offer the food industry an even better service.

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