Activated carbon

Activated carbon (Carbo medicinalis vegetabilis) has many applications in different fields. The activated carbon blend from Ruitenberg BasIQs is obtained by the carbonisation and activation of pure oak wood. This natural black colour has been processed for Ruitenberg for more than twenty years. Through the extensive knowledge and experience regarding this product, Ruitenberg has found a solution for the extreme dusting behaviour of the powder.

To prevent this effect, a dust-free powder and a liquid variant have been developed. A special humidification process reduces the surface tension of the powder and makes it dust free. This makes the product easy to incorporate into existing production methods and prevents contamination of the production area. Ruitenberg BasIQs offers this activated carbon under the brand name Rudin® Black.

Properties dust-free powder Rudin® Black:

  • highly concentrated powder with an authentic black colour
  • very fine particle, which is easy dispersible in water
  • can be declared as a colourant: E153


Properties Rudin® Black liquid:

  • gives an authentic black color
  • can be declared as a colourant: E153
  • easy processing
  • 25% liquid suspension
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