The production of customer-specific liquorice extracts takes place at two (certified) production sites. Twello is an ultramodern facility for mixing powders, equipped with three production lines and a small test mixer. Besides the production of all the powder ingredients which are needed by Ruitenberg Ingredients, the production of dust-free liquorice powders takes place here.

According to customer requirements, pure liquorice powders or blends can be produced which may vary in origin, strength, flavor and color.

Our production facility Ruinerwold features a modern department for the production of liquid liquorice extracts. Low viscous liquid extracts are produced here from liquoriceblocks or high viscous pastes. We have developed our own unique production process for this purpose.

The variation potentials in this process are even much more extensive than in the production of powders. Based on agreements with our customers, we can vary in: origin, strength, concentration, flavor, color, alcohol insolubility and mixes.

The mixes can include liquorice extract and molasses, activated carbon, salmiak, essential oils and flavours.

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